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Day 5: Diversify your health portfolio: 5 ways to stabilise your health when life gets in the way

You’re on a roll.

You have just started a new diet and you feel GREAT! Quinoa and avocado with alfalfa sprout salads every goddamnday!

But wait. You now have a business trip. The conference centre serves only biscuits and chips for lunch. Not a bowl of kimchi in sight. And you’ve forgotten all of your supplements! 🙀

Your new found health fix can’t help and now you feel terrible. All of that hard work undone. You’ve invested all of your health eggs Into one basket.

But wait…if you had a way of boosting other aspects of your health you can get through any rough patch in a business centre food desert.

Here are 5 things to diversity your health in tough times:

1) Limit toxins — don’t add to your burden. Cut out booze, cigarettes, drugs during this time.

2) Exercise — keep active during your trips, sweat, lift, walk, run, stretch your way to a better place.

3) Sleep well — optimise your sleep, get enough, have a routine, warm shower before bed, turn off screens and overhead lights after 8pm.

4) Actively relax — guided breathwork, meditation, self hypnosis, walks in nature, tai chi, whatever calms you.

5) Think differently- tell yourself a few days off your diet with some probable discomfort and fatigue is worth it for the business opportunities and connection with colleagues.

The same diversity applies if you have a huge work deadline and need to pull consecutive all nighters. If there’s no time to sleep then boost active relaxation in breaks, nutrition, exercise snacks, toxin avoidance.

You go to festival and need to drink with your friends and can’t sleep; get your nutrition and supplements in order, exercise in between gigs, connect, reframe.

You get it.

Give yourself a safety net and you have more chance of steadying the ship when life and all its pleasures occur.

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