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1. Purpose and Intent: The content provided on this platform, encompassing videos, articles, infographics, images, and any other materials, is offered strictly for general informational and educational purposes. It is not, and should not be considered as, comprehensive medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or therapeutic recommendations.


2. Not a Substitute: Always consult with your physician, specialist, or another appropriate licensed healthcare professional regarding personal health questions or medical conditions. Do not rely on the content of this platform as a primary resource for medical decision-making.


3. Medical Emergency: If you believe you or someone else is experiencing a medical or psychological health emergency (example suicidal, self/other harm thoughts or intent), immediately contact your local emergency services. Do not rely on or wait for guidance from this platform in urgent or emergent situations.

4. Accuracy and Completeness: While every effort is made to ensure the content's accuracy and relevance, there is no guarantee that the information provided is up-to-date, complete, or applicable to individual circumstances. Medical science and recommendations can evolve, and individual medical situations can vary widely.


5. No Doctor-Patient Relationship: Engaging with or consuming content from this platform does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. Readers and viewers are urged to consult with their own healthcare providers for personalized medical advice.


6. External Links: Links or references to other sites or publications do not imply endorsement of that information. This platform is not responsible for the content or reliability of any external resources

7. Liability: The platform, its author(s), contributors, administrators, and affiliates shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages or injuries arising from or related to the use or misuse of the content provided. Reliance on any information on this platform is solely at the user’s risk.


8. Modifications:The platform reserves the right to update or modify the content without prior notice. Users are encouraged to periodically review this disclaimer to stay informed about any changes.

For more information on our legal professional disclaimers please read our website Disclaimer policy here.

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