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Day 15: 7 low cost longevity tools for people on a budget wanting to live for longer in good health

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

1) Max aerobic capacity cardio exercise — Running, cycling, rowing, swimming quickly for 1–4 minutes with 1–4 minutes rest, 5 times in a row, once a week will increase your VO2 max. People with the high VO2 max live longer in better health. Just 40 minutes per week.

Cheapest cost = the price of running shoes (from £20)

2) Strength training — grip strength has been correlated strongly with reduced mortality and better health in old age. Pick up and carry heavy things with good form often or at least 2x/week strength resistance training.

Cost = zero if carrying heavy bags, £20/month gym membership.

3) Not smoking — reduces cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s risk, Cancer risk the list goes on.

Cost = you SAVE money

4) Eating less ultra processed foods and sugar — these foods lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer etc etc. They may seem cheaper but they are less filling so you eat more, crave more and spend more in total. Try high fibre/protein whole foods Veg/fruit/wholegrains.

Cost = probably equivalent spend on whole foods if you eat less per week

5) Blood test for ApolipoproteinB — this protein wraps around every dangerous form of cholesterol package (LDL, VLDL etc). High levels increase the risk of Atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, kidney, eye disease, impotence etc.. no fun. Knowing your number allows you to change you eating habits or speak to your doctor about medication

Cost = £67 from home kit UK (ie 1 week budget for 20 cigarettes per day)

6) Blood test for Lp(a) — even if cholesterol is low, this lipoprotein in high amounts increases risk for cardiovascular disease and aortic heart valve stenosis. Knowing your number means taking other risk factors seriously.

Cost = £135 with Medicheck UK — only need to do this once in your life so worth the investment

7) Home blood pressure machine — optimising your home blood pressure to below 135/85 (UK guidelines) but ideally between 110–120/70–80 will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, kidney disease etc. Check after 5 mins relaxing in a chair.

Cost = £30 from Boots UK

I’m not affiliated with any company. Talk to your doctor before changing your lifestyle habits

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