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Busy Doctors..

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Halve work stress in 
5 minutes with our free and anonymous cognitive therapy tool.


Your privacy is extremely important to us. We do not spam or sell your data.


An evidence-based tool to help you:

Recognise negative emotions

Target unhelpful thoughts &

Transform your stress


"I love it"
Anonymous REACT user

REACT: Transforming Stress into Solutions for Doctors

In the demanding world of healthcare, doctors are no strangers to pressure.

REACT is here to help you navigate these challenges, transforming stress from a burden into a source of personal and professional growth.


Thrive in Your Role 

REACT empowers you to not just manage stress, but to use it as a catalyst for growth, empathy, and excellence in your practice. By nurturing your own wellbeing, you're better positioned to make a profound impact on the lives of those you care for.

What is the REACT framework?


a specific work challenge


negative emotions and thoughts


positive values and hidden benefits in negative emotions


untrue negative thoughts with cognitive therapy tools


to overcome the challenge with small steps

What's inside the REACT 5 Minute Therapy Tool?


Write any current or upcoming challenge that is causing stress. This could be overload with patients or admin, a possible complaint or even a public speaking event.


Stress is often a combination of different emotions. Work with 1 of 8 emotions triggered by the challenge and reflect on the negative thoughts behind this feeling.


People often don't realise the GOOD reasons for feeling negative emotions in response to challenges in life. This may lead to self-blame and shame and worsen stress. Find or add your own specific positive values and benefits of your emotions.


Find up to 6 thinking errors (if present) then change thoughts using proven 'externalisation' techniques as if speaking to a dear friend in the same situation. Feel the difference in your stress immediately.


Answer time-bound '4S' Questions (Search, Social support, Specialist, Self-care) to take simple next steps to manage or overcome the challenge.


Assess stress levels before and after your training and receive a personalised report with your answers


Use this summary as a training tool to understand how your mind works under pressure in different situations and make plans to reduce overwhelm.

Anonymised answers for added privacy

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We take privacy incredibly seriously. All data is encrypted and stored in secure cloud locations with stringent security certification. We collect only basic demographic data and never ask for your name or email address within REACT forms. This allows you to answer honestly and get the most from the tool without worrying about being identified.

Created by a Doctor, For Doctors

Our Founder

Dr Tom Gedman

"REACT is a culmination of my years of medical, psychology and psychotherapy training into a simple framework, tailored to the unique demands we doctors face at work.

I use it every day to reflect on my own thinking under stress and I'm glad to see it's helping others too."

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Testimonials for REACT

"Worked well, useful to go through the steps and has actually made me feel better so thank you!"

Anonymous UK

"I've just done your REACT tool online. Have been really super anxious at work..but just used your tool which was really lovely. Just a little thank you."

Anonymous UK

I love that it takes you through the process and gives you time to really consider your answers

Anonymous UK

Why REACT is Essential for Busy Doctors

Quick and Insightful:

Understand the roots of your stress in just 5 minutes—be it work overload, challenging patient interactions, or the balance between personal and professional life.


Reframed Approach

We'll help you see the silver lining in stressful moments, turning them into opportunities for growth and connection with your patients and yourself.


A Fresh Perspective:

Learn to look at tough situations in a new light. Imagine talking to a friend in need—this approach can help you treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding.


A Plan That Fits:

From practical next steps to nurturing your wellbeing with our simple 4S guide: Search, Social support, Specialist support, and Self-care, REACT will support you in finding balance and fulfillment in your role.


REACT is quick cognitive therapy for busy professionals inspired by TEAM CBT principles

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What is Cognitive Therapy?

Created by Psychologist Dr Aaron Beck in the 1960s, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aims to change negative emotions (like stress) by changing untrue, negative thoughts into true and empowering alternatives.

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What is TEAM CBT?

Early CBT pioneer, Psychiatrist Dr David Burns added a structured approach to tackle hidden resistance we all have to changing our thoughts. This unlocked quicker mood changes for many clients.


How is REACT different?

This innovative framework blends TEAM CBT principles with coaching and problem solving to aim for immediate stress relief and empowerment in 3 minutes compared to hours of conventional therapy.

Need personalised help with work stress?

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Consider our

guided therapy sessions

Doctor-Specific Problems Treated:

✅ Imposter syndrome

✅ Unhealthy perfectionism

✅ Performance anxiety

Public speaking anxiety

✅ Work-life balance issues 

✅ Procrastination

✅ Depression

✅ Social media anxiety

✅ Doctor burnout

✅ Chronic shyness

✅ Fear of mistakes

✅ Compassion fatigue

✅ Adapting to change

✅ Anxiety

Work 1:1 With Our Founder 

Our free REACT therapy tool can help you understand how your mind works in moments of stress to calm your emotions and focus on solutions.

To turbo-charge your results, expert guidance from creator and expert Dr Tom Gedman during a REACT Plus session could make a huge difference to your wellbeing at work.

Prices start from £79


1:1 Testimonials for Dr Tom Gedman

"I had been suffering from anxiety and negative mood swings for many years so I set up a call. The session has been transformative for me which has really stabilised my mood. I wish I had known about this approach years ago. 

Brian, UK

"I was a bit nervous about starting but Tom was lovely and immediately made me feel at ease. I already feel a big difference in my mood and have already seen great improvements in my presenting. I would definitely recommend this for anyone struggling with similar issues.

Eoghan, Ireland

"Before my session I was suffering a great deal with extremely negative thoughts. The session was eye-opening and powerful. A month on and I still feel a massive sense of confidence. I truly believe others should benefit from this innovative approach.

Peter, UK

Need help to PREVENT stress rather than REACT?

We've got you covered with our signature TEAM CBT 1:1 therapy programs

  • What is the REACT Framework?
    REACT is a typeform tool designed to help users in just 3 minutes to identify challenges causing stress at work and home. It guides you through recognizing challenges, examining emotions and negative thoughts, appreciating positive aspects of these emotions, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, and creating a task list for addressing stressors. The process is known as Recognise, Examine, Appreciate, Change, and Take Action (REACT).
  • How does REACT work?
    The REACT process involves five key steps: Recognising the challenge. Examining emotions and negative thoughts associated with the challenge. Appreciating the positive aspects of these emotions and thoughts. Changing negative, untrue, and distorted thoughts into positive ones. Take Action by creating a task list for next steps, including seeking support and self-care, guided by the 4S questions: Search, Social support, Specialist support, and Self-care.
  • Is REACT therapy?
    While REACT is named for marketing purposes as a 3-minute therapy tool, it is not formal therapy. It is an educational tool designed to introduce users to strategies that might benefit them in a one-on-one therapy session with a trained therapist. Engaging with REACT does not create a client-therapist relationship.
  • Is the REACT tool free?
    Yes, the REACT tool is currently free and can support up to 10,000 user responses per month. However, we also offer REACT+ (PLUS) which consists of live therapy sessions available for purchase for more in-depth support.
  • How secure is my data with REACT?
    REACT uses Typeform and GoZen forms for data collection, with strict security processes to ensure your answers remain private. Data is securely transferred to email marketing platform Brevo and Google Workspace, both complying with GDPR security standards. Users are advised not to share specific identifiers within the form. For more details on how we protect and process your data, please refer to our privacy policy.
  • What if I have an emergency?
    REACT is not an emergency service. It is a knowledge-based training tool for educational purposes. If you are in immediate danger or need urgent help, please contact emergency services or a healthcare provider directly.
  • Can REACT replace seeing a therapist?
    REACT should not be seen as a replacement for professional therapy. It is an educational tool that can offer insights into managing stress and negative thoughts. We recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before using REACT, especially if you have preexisting medical conditions or concerns about your mental health.
  • How do I know if REACT is right for me?
    REACT is designed to assist anyone looking to understand and manage stress better. It is based on principles of TEAM CBT, a form of therapy created by early CBT pioneer Dr. David Burns. If you're unsure, consider speaking to your healthcare provider to determine if REACT is suitable for your needs
  • What happens if I reach the response limit?
    The REACT form has a monthly limit of 10,000 responses. If you encounter an issue accessing the form, please check the social media profiles of MindMove Health or Dr. Tom Gedman for updates on availability.
  • Is REACT HIPAA compliant?
    The REACT tool is designed with privacy and data security as top priorities, ensuring that all user data is handled securely and privately. However, it is important to note that the REACT program is not HIPAA compliant. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection in the United States, requiring healthcare providers and their business associates to implement specific physical, network, and process security measures. Users of the REACT tool are advised to avoid entering any personal identifiers or sensitive information that could be classified under HIPAA regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, full names, Social Security numbers, medical records, or any other information that could be used to identify an individual or their health status. Instead, users are encouraged to use personal email addresses that do not contain their names, if possible, and to limit the details shared to general work challenges, short-term thoughts, and emotions that do not constitute a medical diagnosis. While the REACT tool employs stringent security measures to protect user data, aligning with GDPR standards and utilising secure platforms like Brevo and Google Workspace for data transfer, the absence of HIPAA compliance means it is not suited for handling medically classified information or for use in contexts where HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement. Please refer to our privacy policy for more detailed information on how we protect, process, and store your data securely. Remember, completing the REACT form or engaging with the REACT tool does not establish a client-therapist relationship and should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider for any medical concerns or before starting any new health-related program.
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The new way to manage stress and find solutions at work with rapid cognitive therapy

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