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Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life with Rapid Mindset Training

Boost Your Habits, Health, and Happiness in Just Two Hours

Empower Your Mind with Personalised, Rapid Change

At MindMove Health, we understand the challenges faced by high-performing professionals.


Our 2-hour Rapid Mindset Training is designed to unlock your inner strengths, reshape your thinking, and propel you towards your personal and professional goals.

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Why Choose Our Rapid Mindset Training?

  • Swift and Effective: Experience significant mindset shifts in just one session.

  • Strength-Based Approach: We focus on what’s right with you, turning your unique qualities into powerful tools for success.

  • Tailored to You: Personalized strategies based on TEAM CBT to address your specific needs and goals.


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Harness the Power of
TEAM CBT in a Single Session

Our sessions employ the innovative TEAM CBT framework, ensuring a comprehensive approach to mindset change. This includes:


Start with a clear understanding of your current mindset.


Uncover and address any subconscious barriers to change.


Gain a supportive and understanding environment to explore your thoughts and feelings.


Utilise over 50 tailored techniques to overcome cognitive distortions and foster positive thinking.

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