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2 Hour Mindset Change Results Guarantee

Learning psychological tools to help you to unlock mental barriers doesn't require years on a therapists couch.

TEAM CBT is a groundbreaking framework developed by renowned American Psychiatrist, Dr David Burns.

Each letter in TEAM stands for a stepwise approach to bring rapid change to your thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from your life, health and happiness goals.

T = Testing. You are asked to complete a 2 minute questionnaire called the Brief Mood Survey. This is like an 'emotional Xray' to determine exactly how you are feeling in the moments before a coaching session. This saves time by allowing me to zone in on what may be your current difficulties rather than asking you questions on the spot. After the session you complete the same questionnaire to see if any feelings have changed as a result of the work we have done. You also have an opportunity to provide honest feedback on the session. I welcome any constructive criticism. These sessions are about achieving your goals and if you feel I am not hitting the mark then telling me can make a huge difference to getting back on track for the following session.

E = Empathy. I will ask you to complete a written exercise prior to booking your first session. You will set a timer and spend 10 minutes typing free-flow about all of your current difficulties in all areas of your life. This could include past issues, present concerns or future worries. If you wish to spend longer than 10 minutes, feel free. The more information I have about your current barriers the better I can work to unlock these later in the session. At the beginning of the session I will summarise the information you have sent me using a rapport framework called 'The 5 secrets of effective communication'. (Please see my blog articles on this topic for more information). This framework allows me to demonstrate that I have understood your current concerns and barriers and you will have the opportunity to add more information or correct me. Providing this information ahead of time will allow more time to spend on the next 2 sections which is where dramatic changes in mood and mindset can occur.

A = Assessment of resistance. When you believe that I have understood your concerns in detail, I will ask you this question. 'Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on something together today? Or do you wish to spend more time discussing other concerns in more detail and receiving support and empathy which is very important'. If you wish to work on something together, I will ask you the 'miracle cure question': "If a miracle were to occur during this 2 hour session and you were to walk out with a solution to a problem or concern you have, what would that miracle look like?" If there are multiple miracle cures then we can categorise them into the following domains: 1) relieving a mood issue, either low mood, worry, guilt, frustration and feeling happy, calm and optimistic 2) Overcoming a habit or addiction issue ie being able to control alcohol, smoking, procrastinating, social media habits 3) Improving a relationship issue, with your employer, spouse, family, friends, customers so you feel closer to them and able to navigate conflicts more easily.

If there are multiple miracle cures request, we have to be realistic about what we can achieve in the first session and additional appointments may be required.

Your answers will also determine whether a 'miracle cure' is possible. For example, we can achieve great benefits in changing your mindset to help mood issues, habits, addictions and relationship concerns. However, I cannot change the behaviour of other people, give you more immediate resources like money or time or change any element of the past. Please bear this in mind when booking your first session.

After defining the problem you wish to address in the 2 hour session, we will use an online PDF document called the 'Daily Mood Log'. I will ask you to remember a specific moment in time when you encountered the emotions, habits and relationship difficulties you have described. Defining one specific moment (time, date, location, company) is essential to prevent overwhelm from trying to deal with multiple issues over time. We know that you will experience the same thoughts, emotions and behaviours in one moment as you do in any other. Working on and learning how to change your thoughts and beliefs in that one moment will allow you to do the same in every similar moment you encounter in the future. This is called 'Fractal therapy' based on the theory of repeating patterns. Changing one small pattern can change a larger picture.

After writing a specific moment in time on your Daily Mood log I will then ask you to remember which feelings you experienced at the time and rate them on intensity from 0 to 100%. Specific emotion domains include sadness, worry, guilt, inferiority, loneliness, embarrassment, hopelessness, frustration and anger. I will then ask you to consider each emotion in turn and write down thoughts that would be causing that emotional reaction. For example, sadness may be due to thoughts regarding loss of people, objects or self esteem. Worry may be caused by thoughts about harm coming to you or your family etc. I will then ask you to rate the thoughts to see how strongly  you believe in them. This allows us to see how much the belief changes with the work we perform on the methods section.

After completing all thoughts and emotions sections on the daily mood log, I will ask you the 'Magic Button Question' (different to the Miracle Cure).

"Imagine a bright red magic button in front of you. If you were to push this button you would feel instantly elated, happy and joyful. Calm and confident. All of the circumstances of your life will remain the same (job stress, home stress, finances, past experiences) but all of the emotions you listed would instantly vanish and you would feel ecstatic. Would you push this button?"

Depending on your answer we will proceed with the next section, 'Positive Reframing'.

If you did not decide to push the magic button I would ask you to reflect on why.

If you did decide to push the magic button I would agree with you that it is tempting, but I would ask you to reconsider something. We would then spend 10 minutes or so discussing some positive core values or some personal advantages that are shown by experiencing the 'negative' emotions that you have described. 

After creating a list of true, positive qualities and advantages that resonate with you

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